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ACS has been delivering Aboriginal awareness education in Saskatchewan since 1997.  Our highly trained, respected facilitators deliver education on First Nations and Métis issues from pre-European contact to the present.  

Our facilitators create a relaxed environment where attendees feel comfortable discussing Aboriginal issues that are relevant to them both personally and professionally.   We believe that attendee participation is key to the program's success. The participants are drawn in through interactive games, quizzes, and the use of humour, making for a pleasant learning experience.

The following is a sample ACS program agenda.  The agenda is flexible and can incorporate all the topics requested by the client, even topics not listed below. Program content will specifically relate to Saskatchewan's Aboriginal population unless otherwise specified. 

Sample Agenda Items
- Introductions and goal setting
- Terminology
- Demographics and socioeconomic issues
- Treaty exercise includes discussion on residential schools, taxation, education, housing, justice and many other stereotypes that exist.
- Land claims. The Indian Act
- Métis history and current issues
- Racism
- Current Aboriginal issues.  This section brings together the program's case for increased Aboriginal employment and opportunities. 
- Workplace issues. Hiring and retaining Aboriginal People. Protocols.
- Wrap-up

All attendees are asked to complete a program evaluation form.  The form can be created by the client or by ACS in consultation with the client.   These evaluations will be used for the evaluation report.   

About the Facilitators:

John Lagimodiere is the President/Owner of ACS and a well-respected Saskatchewan entrepreneur.  He has been facilitating and hosting Aboriginal awareness seminars for a variety of organizations since 1998. ACS also publishes Eagle Feather News, a Saskatchewan Aboriginal newsmagazine. John is a member of the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, CUMFI Local #165.

Winston McLean, president of Iron Wolf Consulting, has over 20 years of experience in First Nation development. Originally from the James Smith Cree Nation (also known as Fort a la Corne), he is a fifth generation descendant of First Nation leaders that signed Treaty 6, at Fort Carlton in 1876.

For more information on ACS, contact John Lagimodiere.